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Promise it

Promise it

Promise it to Haven Recycle

Haven Recycle has launched a new corporate social responsibility initiative to encourage companies to pass on all their out-of-date and unused computer equipment for the benefit of others.

Promise it to Haven Recycle is all about passing on valuable and still useful equipment to local schools, charities, community groups and start-up enterprises, while at the same time helping to safeguard our environment and supporting the employment of people with disabilities.

By pledging your out-of-date and unused equipment to Haven Recycle, you will be helping to conserve resources with less need to extract more from the earth, and helping to safeguard the environment due to less pollution caused. And that’s really good for your carbon footprint.

By entering into this commitment, you will be also be helping disabled people to build long and satisfying careers with Haven Recycle.

You will also be gaining good PR for your business in showing your company as a good corporate citizen, increasing your brand value and reputation and, in today’s economic environment, we need all the competitive advantage we can get.

Your customers will appreciate the fact that your company is doing its bit for the wider community helping to keep them and attract new clients, while staff will also appreciate the feelgood factor.

So what more reasons do you need? Making a Promise is simple.

It’s up to you to tell us when you are ready to fulfil your Promise to us.

And don’t worry – we make it easy – we collect, we remove your data, we refurbish and we pass it on to worthy beneficiaries.

Promise it to Haven Recycle now.


Signing up is easy!

All you have to do is submit the information below.


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