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Complementary Workforce

Complementary Workforce

Haven’s Innovative Complementary Workforce can provide flexible and value added solutions for your business.

It has a bank of committed, enthusiastic and work-ready candidates to fulfill your needs and requirements - and is aligned to your individual Corporate Responsibility objectives.

This completely flexible model provides the opportunity for Haven staff to work for other organisations whilst still remaining a Haven employee and supported by members of the Haven management team.

Developing the Complementary Workforce has allowed Haven to extend the employment and training options available to its disabled staff, typically those furthest from the employment market.

Engaging the right people for your business can be both costly and time-consuming if it is not done with your business in mind - but it doesn’t have to be like this.

Haven will work with you to scope and scale any role, and after going through our unique Complementary Workforce process the Haven employee is placed within a role that is suited to their skills. Just as importantly, you get to choose the “best-fit” candidate for the job - matched to your team, from a range of suitable individuals.

If you want to find out more about Complementary Workforce please email:

  • What roles are undertaken by the Complementary Workforce?

    Roles currently undertaken by Haven employees with our partners include technical helpdesk support, IT hardware replacement support, software downloads, facilities support and admin/clerical support.

  • Who are our Complimentary Workforce partners?

    Our partners currently include:

    • IBM
    • Texas Instruments
    • Johnson & Johnson
    • SOPRA
    • Edrington Group
    • ROS
    • Standard Life
    • Nairns of Scotland
    • SQA
    • SERCO